Rick Astley Struggles With Lent

2012 Lent: look how far we’ve come in one year…


Lent starts on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter Sunday. During Lent if you’re Catholic you don’t eat meat and/or you give up a particular vice for the duration of the 40 days.


Suggestions For Celebrities On What To Give Up For Lent:


Lebron James: A Championship Ring

 Lets be honest, who has held more championship rings… Kim Kardashian or Lebron James?

James Franco: The Oscars. 

 Done. Thank You Billy Crystal!

Kanye West: All of the mirrors in his house
I think he could deserve 40 days of humility.

Kim Kardashian: Marriage

Done. Next year we’ll work on divorce.

Miley Cyrus: Birth control pills

 Because how hilarious would that be? We haven’t had a good teen pregnancy since Jamie Lynn Spears and she was like Z list.

Jersey Shore: The Situation

Ashton Kutcher: Two and A Half Men

Ryan Gosling: Eva Mendes

Ladies (and some men) you know your with me on this one.

Ryan Seacrest: His Beard.

The other one.

Tyler Perry: His day job

Please become a preacher. Can I get an “Amen!”

CLICK HERE if you missed his speech at Whitney Houston’ funeral.

Beyonce and Jay Z: Baby talk

You had a baby, not the Messiah.

Rihanna: Men

Starting with Chris-Beat-Her-Down-Brown

The Kardashians: Reality. TV. Dignity… All of the above

To their credit, most of these have long been given up.

Lamar Odom: Being traded back to the Lakers

The Whole World: Hope

The Kardashians are never going away.

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