NYC: Hurricane Sandy Live & Learn. Again.

UPDATE: NYU hospital update: patients evacuated to Sloan Kettering and Mt. Sinai hospitals. Staff/Ambulance/EMT’s saved many lives. #heroes.

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ALERT / BREAKING: Mayor Bloomberg: “NYU Hospital backup power has failed.” @nytjim

Heart goes out to NYU Hospital right now. No power & failed generators… admire all the people helping evacuate patients & staff.#Sandy

You, carrying babies out of the NICU at NYU Hospital down 9 flights of stairs in the dark? You are incredible, and stay that way.

Power out + backup generators have failed tonight at NYU Hospital, one of NYC’s largest. Patients/staff being evacuated.@takeactionnews

NYC: Power in NYU Hospital went down, nurses in pediatric ICU manually bagging patients on ventilators, City begins emergency evacuation.

Bless those nurses who are helping the pediatric ICU patients at NYU Hospital. Those kinds of people are the real heroes.

ConEd Explosion

Chelsea building front blown off

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