I Can Only Imagine: You Always Hate Me The Best


[BlindGossip] Chris Brown is channeling Dennis Rodman, and Rihanna is channeling The Village Idiot.

Let’s look at the past couple of weeks: Chris is on the outs with Karrueche… Rihanna defended Chris in an interview with Oprah… Rihanna kissed Chris at the VMAs…Rihanna got a huge tattoo that echoed the tattooed wings on Chris Brown’s chest… and Chris got a tattoo on his neck that looks like a half-beaten RiRi.


[CelebzterChris Brown and Rihanna continue to set an appalling example to their fans



Is anyone else as utterly horrified by Chris Brown’s new tattoo as we are?

While he adamantly insists that the image of a beaten woman on his neck isn’t Rihanna but a random lady, the similarities are strikingly evident and equally unpleasant.

Which brings us nicely to our segue: Rihanna and her behavior should not be applauded either.

While it is fundamentally great to be able to forgive people, on this instance, her maintaining an incredibly close relationship with Brown given what has occurred in the past, sends out a dangerous message to her impressionable young fans.

Her interview with Oprah, her close relationship with Brown, makes her the poster child for domestic abuse and that it is ok.


In case you didn’t guess who this blind item related to, it is, in fact Rihanna and Brown…..and last week they sparked rumours that they were rekindling their romance at the MTV VMAs after they were seen kissing and hugging.

It won’t be long now until they do come out as a couple…. Condolences to Rihanna, who will inevitability wind up in an Emergency Room/ in rehab/ in the trunk of a car.

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