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OREO COOKIES Breastfeeding Ad Leaked To Public… Oops!

UPDATE 04/19/12: 

The Oreo cookies advertisement featuring a breastfeeding baby was NEVER intended for public consumption … this according to the people at Kraft Foods. The ad went viral earlier this week … with several media outlets reporting it was a legitimate South Korean ad created by the Cheil Worldwide ad agency. Now, a rep for Kraft — the company behind the cookie — tells TMZ, “Kraft Foods did not create this ad. It has never run in Korea or any other markets.” The rep adds, “This ad was created by our agency for a one-time use at an advertising forum. The ad was never intended for public distribution or use with consumers.”
Seems like a lot of flip flopping on the issue of breastfeeding…



[ORIGINAL POST 02/08/12]

Sorry Ladies, Facebook Doesn’t Want To See Your Breasts & Neither Do I

Facebook has a long and tortured relationship with breasts.

Now women around the world have decided to tell the site to grow up. They are staging protests in order to get Facebook to change its policies against breast-feeding pictures.

CLICK HERE for the Facebook Petition to allow breastfeeding pictures.

Good things come in 3x, just like my reasons for supporting Facebook’s ban on breastfeeding…

For me, this issue revolves around question: Why plaster it all over your Facebook page unless you want attention? And where is the line drawn regarding “appropriate” pictures on Facebook? For those who say that its “natural,” does that mean we can expose other body parts to perform other natural bodily actions in public? Would anyone like to someone urinate? I didn’t think so.  Most women don’t want that sort of attention and wouldn’t want to expose herself in a public place, much less in the permanent record of a photo published to the web.


Some people are uncomfortable with mothers breast feeding in public – that is their opinion, which they are entitled to. I understand that it is a woman’s right to breast-feed wherever they feel like it, but I would also think that the mother breast-feeding would take others feelings into concern.
A five minute search on Goggle (sans parental controls) will bring up a plethora of obscene pictures or videos- from Jenna Jameson videos to Iraq beheadings. Not to be outdone by the vast array of violent video games or movies such as “Jackass.” The problem with this example is that they were intentionally sought after, unlike random breastfeeding pictures that crop up on your Facebook timeline every once and a while. 
There are a number of arguments from mothers about why they want to post such pictures, but not why they need to. Facebook is a social network created to allow people to connect and socialize with friends and family wherever they are and whenever they want. It is also a great way to keep in contact with people or to do a little research on a company  or new hire before an interview. But breastfeeding photos? No. 
Breastfeeding is fine – in the right place and time. If I see a woman breastfeeding in public I am not going to complain nor will I flag a picture on Facebook. That said, a little discretion (and modesty) is called for here because I do think that others deserve some sort of respect and privacy.  Hey! If the point is to show them to friends and family they why not invite them over for a live show?!
Bottom line: just keep it classy. XoXo
Currently Face book has stated its rules explaining why those in violation are being removed. However, it is important to know that it is not just Facebook that makes the decision on what pictures can and cannot be posted. People can flag pictures that they deem inappropriate and enough flags from one picture results in Facebook taking a more detailed look before removing it.
[Credit: CNET]



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