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[UPDATE!] 4 deaths in 24hrs: What the [bleep] happened in the NYC subway?


Three people were killed by trains on Saturday, and one was found dead on a subway station staircase:



1. A man identified as BRIAN O’MARA of Garden City was (for some reason unknown) standing on the tracks of the L train between Third Avenue and Union Square and was struck.

2. Another man was struck by a southbound A train at the Nostrand station. The man reportedly sold Metrocard swipes at that station. No witnesses and it’s unknown if there was criminality involved, according to police.

3. Around 10 pm, a man got pinned between an L train and the station platform at Sixth Avenue; reportedly, a SEVERED HEAD along with blood and intestines covered the platform.

4. An accidental death unrelated to trains: A man in his 60s, found unconscious at the end of a staircase in the Elmhurst Ave. R line station, and later died in the hospital. It’s thought that he slipped down the steps and was not a crime victim.

[Credit: Gothamist]

Video below is not of the victims on Saturday,
it’s from last year when Ian was pinned between the platform and the subway…
Did I mention he was drunk? Nevertheless, this still has the potential to put the fear of God in you!




Gruesome weekend on NYC subways with 4 deaths including decapitated head on platform.




[WARNING! GRAPHIC!] CLICK HERE to see the aftermath of one of the victims hit by the subway.

Authorities have reported that in over the space of 24 hours 4 individuals met with untimely deaths pursuant to being hit by NYC subway trains. The most gruesome death involving the discovery of a severed male head between the car and platform…

New York City Police and Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials said all four deaths Saturday are being investigated as separate accidents.

“As far as we know, there is no connection between these unfortunate incidents,” said MTA spokeswoman Deidre Parker. “They are under investigation by NYPD.”

A spokeswoman for the New York City Office of the Chief Medical Examiner said Sunday that forensic pathologists had yet to determine a cause in each of death.

Authorities identified only one of the victims: Brian O’Mara, of Garden City, who was found dead at 8:25 a.m. on the Brooklyn-bound L train tracks at the Third Avenue station.

Police said Mr. O’Mara had been out drinking with friends, who later realized he didn’t enter a taxi with them at the end of the night.

Police are checking Mr. O’Mara’s MetroCard to determine what time he entered the train station. It is believed he used an emergency exit on the station platform to enter the tunnel and was hit by a train, police said.

Officers recovered a cellphone, a wristwatch and a wallet with more than $100. A woman who answered the phone at Mr. O’Mara’s home declined to comment.

The spate of deaths began at 2:01 a.m. Saturday in Queens when an agent at the R train station at Elmhurst Avenue and Broadway called police to report an unconscious man lying in a stairwell leading to the platform. Police believe he fell down the stairs. The man was pronounced dead at Elmhurst Hospital Center.

Shortly after 4 p.m., police were called to the Nostrand Avenue A train station in Brooklyn by a train operator who noticed a body in the subway tunnel about 60 feet from the platform on the southbound track.

Police said the man appeared to have been struck by several trains before he was noticed. He was pronounced dead at the scene. A medical examiner’s office spokeswoman said an autopsy had been performed but more tests were being conducted.

Around 8:10 p.m., police responded to the Sixth Avenue L train station where a man on the tracks was struck by a Manhattan-bound train as he tried to climb on the platform.

The train operator told police she immediately applied the brakes but couldn’t stop in time.

“Oh my God,” she screamed into the radio before going speechless, according to a train operator who heard her.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

The operator said he was starting his shift when the 8:25 a.m. L train accident occurred and finishing up when he encountered the second. The power to the third rail was shut off for at least two hours while the MTA dealt with the incident. “There was a big delay,” the operator said.

I’ve read some reports where people want to blame the victims for their stupidity, arguing that maybe the Giants win had something to do with excess drinking and their subway mishaps (but mind you, the deaths all occurred Saturday; the Giants didn’t play until Sunday night), but regardless of the reason behind their accidental or not-so-accidental passings, I don’t think any finger pointing is necessary.

The MTA is launching an investigation into each fatality and I hope they uncover some details that will help the families of the deceased victims get some closure. What a terrible Saturday in NYC. My god.

Further: The Huffington Post
[Credit: Wall Street Journal]



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