Beyonce’s $1M 5-Star Hotel Bulletproof Hospital Wing Room



– Beyoncé’s private sprawling hospital suite: Million dollar renovations including a bulletproof door
– Custom Mercedes getaway car: Beyonce traded in her Maserati a few months ago for a custom luxury van
– $20k crib
– Blue Ivy’s brand new Scarsdale mansion: Bye TriBeCa Penthouse, Hello 12,000 square feet in Scarsdale!

The freshly renovated “executive” digs at Lenox Hill Hospital look more like the top-dollar accommodations at five-star luxury hotels. With flatscreen TVs, lushly upholstered gray and cream sofas adorned with silken throw pillows, the room served as Beyoncé’s home away from home as she and hubby Jay-Z welcomed their daughter into the world.

Born Saturday night at the E. 77th St. maternity ward, Blue Ivy Carter was introduced to the finest recovery room a baby could have. Baby Blue’s superstar parents paid up to $800 a night for the palatial fourth-floor roost, according to the hospital. The hip-hop royalty also booked adjacent rooms for their entourage.

The handsomely appointed confines feature colorful abstract paintings, silver candlestick-shaped lamps, plus sleek chrome and Formica-top coffee tables topped with crystal candy bowls. There are seven rooms (4/3 split) that can be reconfigured in the maternity wing, and they run $700 to $800 per night per room.

Little Blue Ivy had her choice of four flatscreen TVs and a bank of windows that displayed a sweeping view of the tony upper East Side. Sanitary tiled floors were balanced out by cozy mahogany walls and a posh kitchenette with a gleaming green tile backsplash, a microwave oven and a shelf of coffee cups.

The only obvious sign that it was a hospital room was the 36-by-80-inch electronically adjustable patient bed with side rails and wheels for a quick getaway to the sixth-floor delivery room. And while most new dads are lucky to stretch out on a lumpy cot, Jay-Z’s bunk had a deep mattress, plush sheets, a fluffy comforter and a private bedside table with a sculpted lamp.

Lenox Hill Hospital has denied claims it constructed the five-star accommodations at Beyoncé’s behest, saying instead the singer was simply lucky enough to be the first patient to use them.

“The stars really did align for them,” Lenox Hill Executive Director Frank Danza told The News.



















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[Special Thank Tou to @50cent..You know why]

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