Only One Christmas – The Rest Are Anniversaries

Dear Santa, I was framed!

Happy Holidays everybody! Last year I bought forty copies of Justin Bieber’s debut CD as Christmas presents for all those who really irritated me throughout 2010. Thought I would shake it up so this year I’m making everyone’s Christmas gifts. That said, if you were thinking about friending me on Facebook you may want to wait until the New Year.

My holiday season didn’t exactly kick off on a high note. Let’s just say that the only competition for the biggest disappointment would have to be running down the stairs on Christmas and then remembering your Jewish. It started with accidentally spelling “Satan” instead of “Santa” in Christmas lights. This, no doubt, led to a community wide analyzation of the rest of my Christmas decorations. The result was that my star of Bethlehem was actually a pentagram… Oh dear!

These series of events reminded me Christmas was best when I used to believe in Santa Claus… I wish I was 19 again. Before you roll your eyes about Santa Claus, there are worse things children believe. Case in point, my neighbor. Her children believe that mistletoe comes in sandwich bags. Yet sadly that doesn’t hold a candle to my neighbors on the other side. Their children believe that Santa’s “Ho, Ho, Ho!” is Santa-The-Pimp doing a head count.

Fortunately, just because my Christmas started off bad, doesn’t mean it can’t end on a good note.
Christmas is forever, not for just one day, for loving, sharing, and giving to others. May the good times and treasures of the present become the golden memories of tomorrow. I wish you lots of love, joy and happiness today and everyday after that. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

XoXo, Jenn

P.s. For all those with a real tree I hope it doesn’t end up like Amy Winehouse. Dead, 5 ft 6, and surrounded by needles.

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