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NBA: No Basketball Anymore?


  • Chris Bosh goes back to Jurassic Park.
  • There will still be a new season of “Basketball Wives”.
  • There are bout to be some serious default Bentley payments now.
  • No basketball doesn’t mean you can’t still hate Lebron.
  • Kim Kardashian will not have B-Ball games to watch and find a new husband.
  • The real victims are the girls who thought they could get pregnant by guaranteed 1st round picks.
  • That awkward moment when the fans realized that the NBA players passionately love their money, not the game.
  • Kim Kardashians wedding lasted longer then the 2011-12 NBA season.
  • Wade & Lebron should try out for the Miami Dolphins, they might actually do something.
  • Marcus Camby doesn’t have to move cities this year.
  • Without basketball Lebron should take his skills over to the NHL. Bonus: there are only 3 periods in hockey.
  • We can always watch water polo.
  • If the NBA ends , I can see players starting their own teams and using college basketball venues to play games & sell tickets.
  • March Madness this year is gonna be legendary.
  • It looks like Kim Kardashian saw this coming before anyone else; just like her divorce.
Regardless I’m keeping the faith… There will be a season!


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