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I Came, I SAW, It’s Halloween



1. The Reverse Bear Trap, Amanda, ‘Saw’


There’s no better way to end this list than with the most iconic trap of the series, the reverse bear trap. Amanda began her run in the ‘Saw’ series as a mere victim, but became the very first Jigsaw survivor and ultimately a pivotal player in his twisted game. Of course having your jaw ripped apart is a terrifying thought, but it isn’t the reverse bear trap itself that makes this one so memorable, rather the concepts it introduced and the effect it had on the series. Not only is Amanda the very first survivor, but she’s the first to show that Jigsaw’s methods can work.

2. The Hair Trap, Brenda, ‘Saw IV’ 


Perhaps this is just because I’m looking at this from a female perspective, but having your hair tugged even in the mildest manner can be quite painful. Who even cares about Rigg anymore once we see poor Brenda with her long blond hair jammed in one of Jigsaw’s contraptions? Even the videotape explaining that Brenda is a criminal and deserves this fate doesn’t kill the desperation to see Rigg free her from losing her entire scalp. As if the sounds of her hair being pulled aren’t bad enough, we get a detailed look as it slowly detaches from her head, sending blood drizzling down her face. To top it all off, after being freed from the trap, we get to watch Brenda run around with the worst receding hairline imaginable.

3. The Mausoleum Trap, Art and Trevor, ‘Saw IV’


This one is a winner thanks to the concept. A guy with his eyes sewn shut stuck battling to survive with another man with his mouth sewn shut. Escape was so simple; all they had to do was get the key for their lock from the other man. It’s just too bad Jigsaw’s sick and twisted plan made it ultimately impossible for them to work it out like competent men. Instead rage and frustration builds and they’re far too busy fighting with each other to give even one the chance to survive.

4. The Twisting Crucifix, Timothy, ‘Saw III’


It’s quite obvious why this one makes this list; this is some of the sickest physical torture out there. Yes, it’s connected to the overarching scenario involving Jeff, the guy who’s grieving over the loss of his young son, but the sick nature of this trap trumps all. Not only does this look like one of the most painful ways to perish, but it isn’t quick by any means. We get a look at every angle as Timothy’s body is contorted in the most unnatural way, hear every gear crank and every bone break all while Jeff stands and does nothing to help him – until it’s too late.

5. Table Saws, Brit and Mallick ‘Saw V’


It isn’t the trap itself that earns this one a spot on the list; it’s how it connects to all of the previous traps in the film. If only the gang had played nice at the onset and not barreled through the series of traps with only themselves in mind, Brit and Mallick wouldn’t be alone at this point in the game and there’d be enough players to guarantee everyone’s survival. Instead, they’re forced to give up a whopping 10 pints of blood if they want to get out alive. You’ll never forget what 10 pints of blood looks like after watching this scene.

6. The Carousel Trap, The Dog Pit, ‘Saw VI’


‘Saw VI’ may have been one of the weakest of the bunch, but this trap is pure genius. Not only did it make for a fantastic poster, but the scene itself is quite horrifying. Just imagine seeing six of your loyal-but-ruthless employees chained to a carousel. You’re given the opportunity to save just two, but in order to do so, you must pick four and put a bullet through their heads. The choice of sacrificing someone else’s life comes up a number of times in the series, but normally with victims who are already half dead. The members of William Easton’s “Dog Pit” are 110% awake and aware and are ready to say whatever they have to in order to get the big boss man to spare their lives. Who do you keep alive? The strongest employee, the woman with the family, the woman that’s pregnant? On second thought, how do you even know who’s telling the truth? Minus a dead person miraculously moving at the end of the clip, this one gets me every time.

7. The Venus Fly Trap, Michael, ‘Saw II’


It’s terrifying enough to wake up trapped in a dank room. Poor Michael wakes up in that dank room, not only alone and helpless, but with an eye ravaged and a rusty metal contraption on his head. Think that’s bad? It gets worse. He tunes in to some Jigsaw TV only to find out that the only way he can escape is by finding the key – the key that’s nestled nicely behind his bloody eye. As sensible as it seems to sacrifice a sole organ for an entire life, the thought of putting a scalpel to your own eye is downright terrifying and proved to be far too much for Michael to handle.

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