Depressing Sitcom Titles

1. Survivor: Al Qaeda

2. The Working Dead

3. Rescue GLEE

4. Jewels From Past Engagements

5. Boston’s Barely Legal

6. Mike ate Molly

7. One Homeless Life to Live

8. Leave It to Bieber

9. Real Housewives of Afghanistan

10. How I Killed Your Mother

11. Married to Children

12. Charles Been Charged

13. The Jessica Simpsons

14. Malcolm in the Middle East

15. Family Never Matters

16. Keeping up With the Jackson 4

17. Swinefeld

18. All In the Famine

19. Hogan’s Enemies

20. One’s Company

21. Curb Your Appetite

22. Suicide and The City

23. That’s So Rabies

24. Unhappy Days

25. FLEE!

26. I Dream of Eating

27. The Audrina Patridge Family

28. Charlie Manson’s Angels

29. It’s Always Amish in Pennsylvania

30. Jersey Bore

31. Just Shoot My Family

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