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Saturday Night Confessions: Twitter v. Facebook (08/13)

@amira_salah: Facebook is where you lie to people you know. Twitter is where you’re honest to strangers.
@doleverdream: twitter = cool ppl I dont know, FB = people I know that I wish were cool.

@officialswavey: twitter makes u wanna have drinks with people u don’t know while Facebook makes u wanna throw drinks at people u know.

@settingsunrise: on Twitter you dont look crazy updating all the time.
@monicavalentine: it’s like twilight V/s Harry Potter. No matter what. vampire can’t stand infront of Magic.
@quotesforgirls: Both are a joke. Everyone knows the Marauder’s Map is the best way to stalk people.

@whymattrand:Twitter is full of dope people you’ve never met. Facebook is full of lame people you wish you could forget.

@queencersei: Twitter you can talk to strangers 1000 miles away, without it being weird.
@nowayout: Twitter makes me love people I don’t even know, and Facebook makes me hate the people I used to love most.

@depressseddarth: Twitter is better because you don’t have to deal with friend requests from your mom.
@hotdogonastick: Twitter wins because I’m on it. Facebook is dying anyway. I would know, I left it to die.
@heidieverett:Twitter Hands Down!! Facebook Is Like Jail, Writing On Wall’s & Alway’s Getting Poked…! 


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