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Saturday Night Confessions…



1. @Forever1: “Money isn’t the most important thing in life, but it’s reasonably close to oxygen on the “gotta have it” scale.”

2. @HannahGaskarth: “So far there’s been 2 weeks in my summer holidays. I have only spent 2 days of it with people outside of family.”

3. @AllTimeNienke: “I spend my free time in twitter jail.”

4. @Twoforu: “Sometimes when I’m really depressed and home alone on a Saturday night (i.e: now) I start thinking about villagers living in some remote corner of the world who will never know what vodka tastes like.

5. @HeidiEverett: “Look around Twitter fam on a Saturday night – welcome to rock bottom.”

6. @Truthhurtsyouknow: “Where does it say in the bible to judge others?  Oh right.  It doesn’t.  GOD is the only judge honey.  Have fun at church!”
7. @Nowaynotnow: “You think this is me upset? You’ve never seen me when my credit card gets declined at the strip club.”

8. @AllTimeSwag: “While my friends are off at the beach, i’m babysitting and watching X-Men. I’m actually extremely happy right now.”

9. @AllTimeNienke: “I think I’m gonna fail at life… I’ll just end up with some crappy job even though I have a good education.”

10. @AllTime: “I spend most of my time watching All Time Low videos or stalking them on Twitter… Obsessed? Yes.”

11. @RedCarpet_17: “I wish I was able to hang with some of the people I talk to on twitter!”

12. @Joanneeee: “I still have lots of teddies in my room but I hide them in the cupboard in case any friends come round!” 

13. @BeckyHenrys: “If there was a zombie apocalypse i wouldn’t sit there and let everyone else do the fighting, i’d wanna join in!”

14. @BeckaaaaaayGK: “Whenever i play mw2 i get really violent and shout stuff at the other players even though they cant hear me.” 

15. @Leishakurily: “I didn’t care about my exam results, even though I failed maths.”

16. @QuietCrowds: “So, I might have had one or two more dreams about rubbing down Johnny Depp with frozen yogurt.”

17. @AlltimeSTACEY: “I probably know every word to each Harry Potter film up until HP 7 part 2.”

18. @OliveShorty: “I just took shopping to a whole new level and pre-ordered a coloring book on Amazon. Pre-ordered. At least it was Pixar.”

19. @AllTimeSwag: “I stole the cookie from the cookie jar.”

20. @RealJennShort: “Note to self: Thanks for always being there for me <3”


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