Runaway Bride

How come? Twitter has a few ideas…

Change of heart?

1. Pundamentalism: Hugh Hefner’s fiancee called off the wedding due to a ‘change of heart’. I assume he’s had a transplant and she’s worried he’ll live longer.

2. JenaFriedman: Poor Hugh Hefner, his fiancé just called off the wedding because she had “a change of heart” and he’s still on the wait list for one.

3. grantapp: Hugh Hefner’s young fiance had a ‘change of heart’. Hugh didn’t have a change of heart, all he did was change the battery in his pacemaker.

4. mimi_monk: Hugh Hefner’s 60 year younger fiance called off their wedding due to a ‘change of heart’. Does ‘change of heart’ mean ‘saw the prenup’?

Age gap?

1. Aisleseat: Some people are critical of Hugh Hefner for dating younger women. But he has to. There are no women his own age.

2. chazzyb31: Poor 85yo Hugh Hefner got jilted. I wonder what prompted his 25yo fiancee to call things off? The thought of being wed to a living corpse?

3. SI_JonHeyman: Maybe its time for hugh hefner to find someone half his own age.

Health Concerns?

1. JoyVBehar: At the last minute, Crystal Harris called off her marriage to Hugh Hefner. Just as well. The walk up the aisle might have killed him.

2. JoyVBehar: Unlikely Hef will ever propose again. At this point, getting down on one knee takes him an entire weekend.

3. AdamHuntercomic: Hugh Hefner got stood up at the altar. It’s the 1st time in years anybody’s used Hugh Hefner and “stood up” in the same sentence.

4. stephaniepratt: Poor hef the wedding was 5 days away. That’s elderly abuse!

5. Alvin_Louis: Please tweet & remind Hugh Hefner that he’s no longer getting married this week. Ignore this tweet if he doesn’t have Alzheimer’s.

Til death do us part?

1. greghemphill69: Hugh Hefner’s fiancee’s called off the wedding. She got freaked by the “Till death do us part” bit and didnt fancy the week long commitment.

2. GlennEEEE: Hugh Hefner’s wedding was called off. The date conflicted with his funeral.


1. Swagological: Hugh Hefner dumped at the alter! Thats sad after he wasted those whole 2 months getting to know her.

2. kbeninato: Hugh Hefner’s fiancee calls off wedding at the last minute. Someone turned the lights on.


1. Mercedeslv: Hugh Hefner’s fiancée cancelled their wedding. “Well, I didn’t see that coming!” replied no one on Earth.

2. MrWordsWorth: Hugh Hefner says he doesn’t believe in monogamy. I’m pretty sure it doesn’t have much faith in him either.

On a positive note, congratulations to everyone in Hugh Hefner’s will!

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